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this is not baby food.

this is real food for babies.


what we believe:

closest to homemade

the best food is like the kind mom makes at home: just real ingredients, simply prepared.

for food

we love food just the way it is. we'll never over-process, overcook or overthink it.

honest transparency

we will always be clear about what's inside our jars and what our company stands for.


we've just created our best foods yet, but we won't stop there! we'll keep on discovering new ways to grow and improve.

our family

Our mission is simple: to provide honest, real, great-tasting food that's closest to homemade as possible.
These are just a few of the people who help make this happen.

“we make food for people who love real food... people like babies.”– Jeff Boutelle, President & CEO

When Jeff joined Beech-Nut in 2012 he was on a mission to make the best baby food in the world. So he talked to the people who were making it—moms. They told him they wanted to feed their babies only food they would eat themselves: fresh, real ingredients, simply prepared, always 100% natural without preservatives.

Thanks to Jeff's passionate belief in real food, coldpuréeTM was born. A unique method that keeps in all of nature's flavors and nutrients without adding anything artificial.

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why we're LEED

We're the only LEED-certified baby food production facility in the world.

LEED certification (or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is important to us. It means we're committed to doing what we do in a "green" building that's designed, constructed and operated in an environmentally friendly way. We take big steps to minimize the impact our building has on our environment and encourage smarter use of water inside and out.

We're also efficient in energy use and support using sustainable building materials during construction while promoting waste reduction and recycling.
Learn more about LEED or the U.S. Green Building Council.