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Snappy Peach & Blueberry Purée


Guest Post

We are going to take advantage of the ripe peaches that are still in the grocery stores and gently mash half of one, the other half could and should be eaten by you for an on-the-go snack, before swirling it in with a scrumptious banana, blueberry & avocado purée. It’s a fun combination that is not only filled with potassium, antioxidants and fiber, but is also a tasty treat for baby’s little taste buds.


To Make On-The-Go:
Cut half of a ripe peach into slices and place in a container with a lid. Close lid. When ready to serve, smash the peach with the back of a fork, discarding any large pieces of peach skin. Add in the desired amount of banana, blueberry & avocado purée and mix until well incorporated. Serve to baby.

Peach Tip:
If fresh ripe peaches are not in season, then you can use frozen peaches that have been thawed in this recipe. I have found that gently heating the peaches after thawing for 5–10 seconds in a microwave helps to be able to mash them more easily with a fork.

 This purée is perfect for Stage 2, or about 6 months of age.

About the Author:
Michele Olivier is the mother of two behind the popular food blog Baby FoodE. Michele has dedicated herself to making the best baby food on the planet and is the author of the best-selling cookbook Little Foodie and the forthcoming Whole Food Baby and Little Bento. Michele and her family live in Denver, Colorado.