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5 Things You Might Not Know About Baby Food Pouches


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As Scarlett is getting older, she’s suddenly telling me what she wants. She’s demanding that toy over there, or reaching past me for more of something.  Hand signals are emerging for “all done” and more words enter her vocabulary each day.  It’s incredible to watch her grow and develop.  Her development includes the time we spend in the high chair, moving past cereals to purées, table food and beyond.  Our latest introduction was to food pouches, which are super convenient for our busy lifestyle.  The new Beech-Nut organic Coldpurée™ pouches are right up my alley to deliver real food, really easily. Here are 5 things you might not know about these beauties:


1. It’s ACTUAL food.

As a parent of a five-year-old and a new little girl, I’ve seen various types of baby foods, pouches and toddler snacks.  Heck, I’ve even tasted a lot of them.  For me, Beech-Nut is different because they are actually offering me items I can trust.  When I’m reading ingredients on the back of Beech-Nut’s Coldpurée pouches, I know what I’m getting.  The same ingredients described on the front (Ex: pear, pumpkin and cranberry) are the exact same ones I’m finding on the back in the ingredient section.  Even in that order.  (Ex: pear will be #1, and food labels must have ingredients in descending amount order).  That makes me feel awesome about serving Beech-Nut Coldpurée pouches!


2. Beech-Nut pouches are made the same way as their Naturals™ & Organic™ jars.

Beech-Nut’s baby foods start with real fruits and veggies, blended cold to protect nutrients and the air is removed.  It’s sealed and gently cooked to preserve all that beautiful color and wonderful texture.  Next, it goes into the pouches and jars the same way… so now you have the same product you love, but more accessible for travel and diaper bag carrying.


3. Beech-Nut Coldpurée pouches are cooked COLD.  

This is where the name Coldpurée comes from.  When you steam or cook a veggie, some of those nutrients are lost… but when they are cold blended and gently cooked with the air removed, everything stays intact.  You can watch this cute little illustrated film to understand Beech-Nut’s entire Coldpurée process.


4. There are NO artificial preservatives or colors.

Beech-Nut chose to have the color of the pouches reflect the color of the actual purées inside them, rather than add artificial preservatives or colors in a clear pouch.  You can see the gorgeous purple plum color of the banana, blueberry and avocado blend.  It’s rich in color as well as flavor; this was Scarlett’s favorite blend.


5. Pouches are available for all stages of your food journey.

The new Beech-Nut Coldpurée pouches are available in Stages 1-3, and are brand new flavor combinations.  Since Scarlett has been eating purées every day, I was overjoyed to see these new flavor combinations in pouches hit my store shelves. This meant that meals and snacks on the road were so much easier!  Pouches fit our errand-heavy lifestyle better than glass (at least in my diaper bag!), so having a few on hand for post-gym fuel or an after-school snack in the grocery buggy was much easier.

While pouches are SUPER convenient while traveling and leading our busy life, I’ve read that pouches shouldn’t be the only way babies are fed.  I make sure to spoon feed Scarlett yogurts, have plenty of pick-up-sized pieces available on her tray and have her practice with a toddler fork, but sometimes I want that pouch!  I know it’s important for her to develop her own set of sensory skills with her food and learn to feed herself.  I now know that keeping those purees in my baby’s diet longer is helping her get the nutrients she needs and keeps her palate expanding!

You can find Beech-Nut Coldpurée pouches at select Target stores, Babies”R”Us, Wakefern, Meijer, Wegmans,, Amazon and Kroger, and more retailers.  Find some tasty Beech-Nut’s Coldpurée pouches near you by using the store locator.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Beech-Nut and originally appeared on Redhead Baby Mama. All opinions and thoughts expressed come from Lindsey.


About the Author

Lindsey Paris of Redhead Baby Mama is an Atlanta-based blogger who writes about parenting tips, recipes and humorous anecdotes as she raises her redhead son and baby girl. Lindsey will be working with Beech-Nut in 2016 as a sponsored ambassador, sharing her daughter’s journey to solid foods and shedding some light on the #BabysFirstFoods process.