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A Balanced Plate for Scarlett’s First Year


Happy Birthday, Scarlett!! You’re one year old! I can NOT believe that my little baby has already hit such a major milestone.  The little stinker is talking, crawling, standing and interacting with everything.  Scarlett is finally using her big-girl sippy cup with each drink and tasting more foods with every meal.  As I look back…

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Parents and Kids Alike Can Enjoy Fresh Fruits and Veggies this Season

July15_FruitsVeggies_FB (3)

For us, this is the best time of year to get organic fruits and veggies fresh from the farmer’s market, our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and our local grocery store. The produce looks amazing, and most importantly, tastes amazing when it’s in season. Plus, it’s usually less expensive! The girls love going to the farmer’s…

Guest Post

Spice Profile: Cumin


Ready to introduce more spice into baby’s life? Then adding a pinch of spice to baby’s food, is a good place to start! Not only do spices (and herbs) make baby food taste better by bringing out the pureed fruit and vegetables natural flavors, but they also have medicinal properties in them. Cumin, with it’s…