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Baby Meal Plan


When Ellie first started her voyage into eating purées, the hardest thing for me to figure out was what to feed her for every meal. I knew the purees I made her were both tasty and nutritious, but I tended to serve her the same purées I knew she loved over and over again. She…

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Easy Macaroni & Cheese Recipe the Whole Family Will Enjoy


My days are non-stop. So I’m always looking for ways to get delicious, easy, and most importantly, healthy meals on the table. I’m all about short ingredients lists and quick prep times. When I’m meal planning, I try to stay away from processed foods. I want ingredients that save me time in the kitchen but…

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Lindsey Paris’ Stage 2 Feeding Milestone; Not What You’d Expect


As we move forward in Scarlett’s feeding journey, we’re completing Stage 2, with chunkier textures and a wider variety of flavors.  Scarlett’s palate has been pretty much all-accepting, with only a few flavors or textures that she hasn’t enjoyed at first.  She’s constantly shrieking excitedly to try whatever I’m eating, and that’s something I never…

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Apple, Strawberry and Beet Purée Recipe


Scarlett is continuing to grow, and her palate is expanding every day.  She’s asking for what I’m eating, is learning to eat from pouches and spoons and is engaging in her meals. We’re revisiting her less-than-favorite flavors and trying her preferred provisions in various textures.  For example, we stepped up from pureed bananas to picking…