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Real Food We Love: Cranberries

Beech-Nut Cranberries

It’s finally fall, which means it’s finally cranberry season! If you still associate cranberries with a sad can-shaped mold wobbling on the Thanksgiving table, it’s time to give this fall fruit another chance and to share the wonderful flavor with your baby. Why we love them Fresh cranberries contain fiber and Vitamin C, what’s not…

Guest Post

7 Tips for Getting Your Baby to Eat Vegetables and Protein

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So, your baby is showing all the signs that he or she is ready for the next step of eating… beyond breast milk and formula. And of course, you want to encourage their exploration with food and make sure they try a variety of foods and don’t become picky eaters. We are very fortunate to…

Will Solid Food Help My Baby Sleep?

Pears and Strawberries Solid Baby Food and Sleep

“Will solid food help my baby sleep?” is a really common question among new (saintly, sleep-deprived) parents. Good news: we’ve got the real answer. Bad news: officially, the answer is no.   The USDA’s WIC guide to infant feeding states that giving your babies solid foods before they are ready “will not help them sleep…